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Zahnärzte Obermünsterstraße
Zahnärzte Obermünsterstraße
Zahnärzte Obermünsterstraße
We offer you the option of having complex dental treatments carried out under general anaesthesia or sedation. We have been working with an experienced team of anaesthetists for many years. Surgeries are performed in a specially equipped operating room, and you will be in a sleep-like state during the treatment. After the procedure, we will look after you until you wake up from the anaesthesia and can leave the practice again.

Without anguish through treatment with general anaesthesia

Treatment under general anaesthetic or sedation is particularly suitable for anxious children or people with disabilities. However, before you decide on general anaesthesia or sedation, we will go through all the details. Your dentists in Regensburg will be happy to advise you on this!

Your direct contact for treatments under general anaesthesia

Dr. med. dent. Mathias Siegmund

Job title:
Dr. med. dent. / Zahnarzt
Expertise field(s):
Your dentists in Regensburg - Dental practice Dr. Blank Dr. Siegmund Dr. Hieronymus

Our call-back service

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Zahnärzte Obermünsterstraße
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